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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  December 2, 2013 11:00pm-11:31pm PST

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. now at 11:00 a plane registered to a san jose man is missing in the wilderness of idaho. the bay area is about to get hit with very cold temperatures. we will show you when. >> reporter: after the recent attack after a student, a school district is putting policies in place to protect students. . >> kron4news at 11:00 starts now. tonight for the first time since this video was seen a 16- year-old transgender student is speaking out about his ordeal at hercules high school and not
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receiving the proper help. we have alicia reed and and how they plan to stop the bullying. >> reporter: they are committed to changing the culture at their school. they talk about the seriousness of bullying and sexual harassment. >> if you feel you are going to be stressed out when you are being bullied, we have to let everyone know we don't tolerate that. it is critical we make those changes. >> reporter: school staff will get professional training so when students report incidents [éqóplace. >> not just think it is a problem and not deal with it. it is important and critical we
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have administrators to address the problem. >> you should already know what to do to stop it. . >> we have circumstances where kids need to relate to each other and accept differences. >> reporter: the board will hold a retreat on january 4th. a meeting will be held and regulations will be implemented. we continue our team coverage with j.r. stone who spoke with the victim who said the board could have helped sooner. >> a transgender student said they were bullied and tried to get help, but that woman was uncertain about what steps to take. >> i was just sticking up for
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myself because a lot of students -- just because you are different you are picked on, name calling, bullied, taunted, harassed. i still feel unsafe. like i have to not keep my guard down. i have to look everywhere and see who is behind me. i tried to get help from my vice principal, but i guess i started getting bullied and harassed by people and name calling, and i didn't know what to do. i just kind of like enough is enough. you can stretch a rubber band so far and it will snap.
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>> guteierrez was one who threw a punch but more needs to be done. there is a warning to students at san francisco state university after a violent post was written by the president of the palestinian group. a man is holding a knife claiming he wants to stab an israeli soldier. be wear of the brrr. after a warm thanksgiving weekend, the cold is coming to the bay area. get out your winter coat and your cold weather gear.
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when is it getting here and when is it leaving? >> reporter: through the overnight hours. we will have chilly conditions the entire week. it was mild or the thanksgiving weekend. we saw mild conditions today as well. 60s for the north bay. we do have the tail end of it here pushing into north california bringing us cold conditions. we are getting a blast of cold arctic air. it will be much cooler tomorrow afternoon and down right freezing. we will talk more about the frigid temperatures in a bit. a new report from the state department of water resources
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say california could face a third straight dry winter. >> reporter: california's rainy season started dry and then wet. both winters were dryer than normal. the resser reservoirs are down. resources in colorado predict a dry winter is possible. water conditions in the ocean have been an indicator of our rainy weather. the patterns have led researches to make 3
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predictions. there will be near normal to dry conditions including lake mead, which is a key source for southern california. el nino conditions could bring moisture to the southern half of the state. two or three good storms could turn everything around. charles clifford, kron4news. >> a plane owned by a san jose man is missing in the idaho wilderness. a palo alto man has the power of the white house behind him. a triumph faint triumphant
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after receiving the go ahead from doctors, sasha returned to school today. the gender neutral student was wearing a black skirt and had a noticeable limp. sasha suffered 2nd and 3rd degree burns.
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the student charged with setting sasha's skirt on fire is scheduled to be in court later this month. a palo alto man in korea has the white house behind him. stay tuned for inside edition with debra norville, more on paul walker's death. tonight after the news.
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the search is on for a single-engine plane for a man that went missing in idaho. it went off radar. the pilot reported engine failure. jeff bush spoke with neighbors. what did they tell you? >> reporter: i spoke with those neighbors and they tell me dale took off from the air port a
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week ago to visit family for the thanksgiving holiday. his plane has 1 seat for the pilot and 5 seats for passengers. it is a single engine aircraft. they were looking for dale and his plane. weather conditions were too bad. they will continue tomorrow morning searching on the ground with horses and atvs. that is the latest. the white house is joining those making a plea for a palo alto man to come home from korea where he is being held. in the video the korean war vet
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is sorry for war crimes he committed. it seems north korea is reveling in his detainment. >> it is baffling. i suspect he is sending different signals. >> they released this photograph before his detention. newman is being treated well and receiving the medications sent by his family. players were paired with low-income children so they could get gift ideas for their families. there were lots of patients in
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the toy aisle getting something in return. curtsey of the 49ers each child received a gift card. >> reporter: big changes in the overnight hours. a cold system brings us a blast of cold air from canada. there is a slight chance of showers. the main impact will be 15 degrees cooler followed by a frigid morning in the 20s and 30s. right now we see mainly clear skies. the system is approaching. it is east of us, the core at least. it is draped across northern
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california and nevada. we have a slight chance of seeing showers, but mainly the precipitation is in the sierra. cloudy conditions keeping temperatures warmer. it will be a different story into wednesday. we have snow in the sierra dropped to the lake level. by 8:00 we are done with the rain or the possibility of rain. through the afternoon we have skies clearing. v8:00 hour skies here will be cold temperatures into wednesday morning. tonight it isn't going to be too bad. upper 30s. 41 in napa. 43 in redwood city. colder into wednesday morning. afternoon highs we will notice
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the cool down. 10 to 15 degrees cooler. largely in the low 50s. it will be colder into wednesday and thursday. a freeze watch is in effect for the bay area. the only one not under the watch is san francisco. elsewhere it is thursday for temperatures in the 20s and 30s. as for the sierra there will be half a foot up to a foot. dryer conditions and quite chilly into thursday morning. extended forecast, cooler in the mornings. conditions in the 20s and 30s, upper 40s and 50s.
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remaining, 49ers are 3 games back. it is wild card time. fred couples raise the flag. you have to figure there is no home field advantage stronger than seattle. saints, everything is going their way. 147 yards. see how everything is going seattle's way. russell wilson and pete carroll 11 and 1. they are 3 games up on the 49ers with 4 games remaining. after taking apart the rams, here is jim harbaugh and the position his team is in. >> as far as we stand, it is
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not where you would like to be, but we are in a position we control our own destiny. we would like to be 12 and 0, but fate is in our hands. last 4 games of the season, remember that. here is the question. are the 49ers on track for another run at the superbowl or do they need to beat seattle to prove they are ready? log on, do your thing and hear your name on the road. step curry will be one of our guests. we will have a little fun and make it as close to the road show. you will have to look at us more, but it will be a lot of fun. that is 9:00 on thursday, and that's how it will break down. the a's have a closer. they have acquired jim johnson.
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he is the leader for saves with 101. there it goes. they say good bye to belfour. scott casmere signed with the a's. when you are left handed, everybody wants to give you a shot. 9-year veteran. he picked up jimmy and scott. right at the buzzer. number 15 florida. here we go. are you ready? the cal bears going to work.
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the 7'6" kid for irvine, you have blocked his shot. there were a couple of standing dunks. cal rolled 73 to 56. here is the buzzer beater. florida up one on yukon. let's go crazy. >> for the win! he got it! [ cheering and applause ] i like that. no use waiting around. yukon won 65-64. college a little more fun. >> the energy is different. stay tuned on
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the news starts again at 4:00 a.m. have a good night. see you tomorrow.
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was he drag racing? >> new information on paul walker's final moments. >> his heartbroken father and his dog, taken to the crash site, to say good-bye to his master. then, the drones are coming! how stuff you order online will be delivered to your door, in just 30 minutes. plus, the most exciting finish ever, and why a heap of abuse is pouring down on this player. and, yep, she's gay. actress maria bello goes


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